Your One-Stop Guide to Offset Printing Services



Print-based marketing has seen a tremendous rise in its use from $305.44 billion in 2021 to $316.82 billion in 2022. Printing services come at the core of such marketing, and thanks to the rapidly evolving innovations, there are more than a couple of printing services in the market. One particular type of printing services, referred to as offset printing services, has been gaining immense popularity in recent years. If this term sounds alien, here is your one-stop guide to offset printing services.


What is Offset Printing?

Rather than transferring the inked image directly to the receiving material, offset printing services first release that image from the metal plate onto a rubber blanket and then pass it onto the receiving material. The paper or any other material is not allowed to come into contact with the metal plates whatsoever. Offset printing services are also known as offset lithography and have become a highly sought-after mode of printing.


Types Of Offset Printing Services

There are 3 different types of offset printing methods that offer variation in the final product received by customers, while keeping the core principles of offset printing in mind. Let’s take a look at each one of them, so you may know which one to choose when you opt for offset printing services.


Web Offset Printing

Web Offset Printing involves passing a roll of paper into the printing mechanism until an ideal number of pages have been printed. Once that has been achieved, the printed sheet of paper is spread out so it can be cut into separate pieces, which can further be passed on to fulfill their purpose. Web offset printing is preferred for jobs requiring a large number of orders, such as newspapers, magazines, or books.


Sheet-Fed Offset Printing

In sheet-fed offset printing, pre-cut pages are inserted into the printing machine. Alternatively, you can also insert standard-sized individual pages into the machine and cut them into their final size after the printing has been done. The most significant benefit of sheet-fed printing is that it can be performed on materials other than paper, such as plastic, metal, or cardstock.


Quick Set Printing

Quick set printing enables the most exceptional quality of images to be printed. The process is a bit different than other types of offset printing, wherein the images are first burned onto the metal plate and are later dampened by water and then by ink. Once the ink and water have taken their relative places, the image is transferred to the paper.


Why Should You Choose Offset Printing Services?

With the basics of offset printing services covered, let’s look at the features that make it such an outstanding printing choice.


Marvelous Image Quality

Once you choose offset printing, you can be assured that the quality of printed images will no longer be compromised. Offset printing guarantees a high-quality output with the least amount of wasted prints. This is enabled with the help of the ink flow that can be directed across four plates by the operator. Thus, flawless image quality is a bonus you can enjoy every time with offset printing services.


Low Cost

As compared to other printing options that provide similar printing quality, offset printing services are much more lenient to your finances. The best part here is that the more you increase the workload, the lesser your overall cost turns out to be. This means a lower cost per piece, making it a highly pocket-friendly option.


Variation In Printing Materials

The good news for several businesses out there is that offset printing does not limit its printing output to paper only. It offers a diverse list of compatible materials, such as plastic, wood, canvas, fabric, metal, and papers of all grades. In addition, it can also print on curves such as circular containers, plastic bottles, and wrappers with utmost ease.


Saves Time

What happens in most circumstances with other printing methods is that their printers are always at risk of running out of paper or ink during the printing process. Not only does that affect the quality of the images being printed, but it also results in wasted time. The offset printing process enables automatic control of the ink flow, which maintains the print quality and saves time.


How Do Offset Printing Services Compare to Its Competitors?

There are countless other printing services that have dominated the printing market. Why, then, should you choose offset printing services and not the others? Below you will find a comprehensive comparison between offset printing and two other leading printing services that will answer the question above.


Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing

Digital printing is a widely demanded printing method but lacks several elements whose gaps are filled by offset printing services. Firstly, there is no doubt that digital printing offers remarkable image quality. However, it can only be used for small quantities or to make test prints. On the other hand, offset printing services are equipped with a more efficient process that enables swift delivery of large outputs.

Moreover, digital printing is not compatible with any material other than paper. This limits the options it can be used for. In contrast, offset printing offers a plethora of material options that can be placed under the machine to be printed.


Offset Printing vs. Flexo Printing

Offset and flexo printing have a similar printing process which is why their benefits are also alike. A significant differentiator between the two, which makes offset printing services a winner, is the latter’s low startup cost. The printing plates used in offset printing can be made easily and quickly, thus reducing the number of initial investments.


Final Words

Offset printing services have garnered immense popularity recently, primarily due to their vast appeal toward bulk printing. Whether you wish to print packaging labels, flyers, brochures, books, bottles, or on other materials and services, offset printing services are the most suitable choice for you out there. The low marginal cost is another feather in its hat and a prime reason why offset printing has emerged as a winner amongst its competitors.

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