The Complete Guide to Crafting Cosmetic Packaging That Pops!



Whether your cosmetic products are lined up in a store or publicized on a website, they have less than a second to enchant their viewers before they move on to the following product. One element that makes your beauty products stand out from the crowd is their cosmetic packaging. Everything else comes second.

The price, benefits, ingredients, and every other factor that could influence the buying decision are considered only after the cosmetic packaging succeeds in impressing the buyers. Let’s learn more about cosmetic packaging and the steps you must take to ensure your products captivate their potential buyers.


What Is Cosmetic Packaging?

Cosmetic packaging refers to the primary and secondary packaging of your cosmetic products. This includes the design, product details, product pricing, font, company logo, product name, and every other factor that makes it easier to distinguish your product and communicate details regarding it.


Types of Cosmetic Packaging

As suggested earlier, there are different layers to cosmetic packaging. Knowing them allows you to apply appropriate designs highlighting each type’s purpose.


Secondary/Outer Packaging

This is the packaging that you will have to unbox to see the actual cosmetic product. Its primary purpose is to protect the main contents inside and to enable swift movement of the products.


Primary/Interior Packaging

Interior packaging is the name given to containers such as bottles, jars, tubes, etc., used to hold the products. They enable the direct application of the commodities inside them.


Ideal Materials for Cosmetic Packaging

Secondary cosmetic packaging is mainly made up of cardboard boxes, and variations in that department are rarely found. It is the primary packaging material that is experimented with. Let’s explore the different materials you can choose for your cosmetic products and the benefits each material has in store for you.



Glass is one of the most widely used cosmetic packaging materials, and for all the right reasons. Glass jars, bottles, or containers can resist corrosion, making them look as good as new even after months of purchasing the item.

Moreover, it is a sustainable choice that can be easily recycled. Most manufacturers use tinted glass to shield the contents inside it from deterioration due to sunlight. In terms of aesthetics, glass offers sophistication and luxury, making it an outstanding addition to your collection.



Plastic is a lightweight packaging option that is not as prone to breakage as glass. It is also highly hygienic, which is a necessity for cosmetic products, and can be bought at tremendously low rates.

Their flexibility enables them to be molded into different shapes, which increases the packaging options that can be created with plastic. If you are concerned about their threat to the environment, then you must opt for PET (polyethylene terephthalate – number 1) and PP (polypropylene – number 5), two of the recent innovations in plastic that have an eco-friendly appeal.



Aluminum is specifically used to make cosmetic containers because of its unmatched protection against bacteria, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions that can corrode the cosmetics. Thus, contents that are heat-sensitive must be packed in aluminum containers. Aluminum is also unbreakable and an environmentally friendly option for cosmetic packaging.


Cosmetic Packaging Trends That Have Stood the Test of Time

Crafting an eye-catching design for your cosmetic packaging is probably the toughest task. What makes it so challenging is the existence of such enthralling designs that have already made it to the top shelves of the market.

One way to beat the already established and gripping designs is by learning from them. Make use of the following cosmetic packaging trends that have a winning streak, and add an element of personalization in the option that appeals to you the most.


Exquisite Patterns

Exquisite artwork, no matter where it’s found, is enough to stop any passerby and make them appreciate its extravagance. All you have to ensure is that the patterns are placed cleverly on the secondary or primary packaging. You can either have one striking piece that demands attention or several intricately designed patterns placed all over the packaging to make it stand out. Regardless of the choice, this timeless trend is a guaranteed winner.


Unique Fonts

Stepping away from playing it safe with standard fonts is a splendid way of communicating your brand image and breathing life into the packaging. You can opt for quirky, bold fonts that match your brand’s theme and do not miss a chance of being engraved in people’s minds.


Arresting Graphics

Arresting graphics can create a lasting impression not only on your target audience but anyone who lays eyes on your products. Dazzling patterns and mesmerizing mosaics make your packaging pop and easily distinguishable from other brands.


Classic Black and White

Another timeless and memorable cosmetic packaging trend is the classic black-and-white combo. The monochromatic design can be experimented with in countless ways and represents an aura of grandeur, calmness, and chic. Set your creativity free, and see how you can use this evergreen combo for your benefit.


Lush Florals

Give your cosmetic packaging an earthy appeal and decorate it with the lush florals. However, the color scheme must be wisely picked as it is vital to help portray the message you intend to deliver. For instance, dark colors like maroon and red have a sexy vibe, while colors like green and yellow offer a fruity charm. Colorful florals create a heavenly illustration with a bedazzling appeal, especially for women.



Opting for pastel combinations is an effective way to keep minimalism at the forefront. It is also a remarkable way of giving your products a modern and chic view, making them look like a high-end brand.


What’s Next?

Once your material and designs have been selected, it is time to merge the two of them. To make it possible, you need a technology that will enable the highest quality of printing services so that your designs look just as good on the material as they did in the drafting stage.

Offset printing services are the closest you can get to achieving marvelous printing quality. You only have to get custom plates etched with your designs and leave the rest to the offset printing process. Not only that it is compatible with bulk productions, it can also provide color printing in the highest quality imaginable. This makes it a popular choice for most cosmetic brands in the industry to use offset printing services for the cosmetic packaging of their products.

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