How Choosing Good Packaging Can Increase Your Sales


Have you ever wondered why you were not performing as well as your competitors in terms of branding, marketing, and sales? Despite putting in loads of effort and focusing on all primary aspects of building a good brand, you might be missing out on a key factor, hence hindering your progress. Good packaging is undoubtedly essential to every aspiring business. Here is why you should opt for it and revise your current packaging.


The Importance of Good Packaging for Businesses

Good packaging has not always been so crucial in the business world. Earlier, when markets were simpler and customers were less sophisticated, packaging needs were generally basic. Businesses used it only for transporting goods durably and practically. It lacked catchy design and branding elements and only had mere labels to identify the goods inside or to whom they belonged. In some instances, it meant convenience and protection while moving items from ports to shops and further down to customers’ homes.


The Role of Evolving Markets in Refined Packaging

As the markets and businesses gradually morphed into progressed societies, relations with customers also improved. This affected almost all ways of how a business interacted with its target clientele. The idea of developing proper brands gained attention, and customers showed heightened awareness regarding various branding factors.

Eventually, packaging gained importance and played a key role in improving the outlook of any business or brand. While retaining its original purpose of enabling safe transport, good packaging now attracts customers, introduces a brand, wows audiences with innovative designs, ensures maximum safety to its contents, and even limits risk factors. Many consumers buy a product for the first time based solely on impressive packaging. Now, isn’t this awesome?


The Characteristics

Now that we recognize the importance of packaging for businesses, it is time to dig into its characteristics. Here are the main features you must consider to produce good packaging.


Efficient packaging has mainly two aims: to protect what it contains and to display information about the brand and the product. Expert packaging firms and designers help develop practical and creative ideas that fulfill both goals.

Easy Storage

Packaging for retail products must have suitable dimensions to look attractive and tidy on market shelves and fit nicely in the drawers at consumers’ homes.

Aesthetic Appeal

Since packaging is a branding tool, too, it must be printed with the brand’s colors and logo. The formula “less is more” yields impressive results. Thus, the printing design must be simple, with a maximum of two fonts, and it should be consistent with the overall design.

Environmentally Friendly

Using biodegradable materials reflects your brand’s high sense of social responsibility. Also, customers care about the environment and do not affiliate strongly with brands that adopt harmful practices.


An Example

We all remember the gloomy pandemic days when we always wore gloves and avoided touching surfaces. We were so afraid of spreading the virus that some buyers resolved to wash all their purchased items when they reached their homes. Several videos went viral, showing people sharing tips and tricks to wash out and eliminate any existing germs.

But could there be any other way to use products without washing them? Yes, of course, when companies think outside the box and come up with effective packaging options.


Why Good Packaging is a Customer Magnet – A Mini Case Study

The world-famous beverages company, Coca-Cola, saw an opportunity in this situation and soon hit the shelves with an inventive packaging idea. Their cans came with an extra protective layer: an aluminum foil that sealed the entire upper side of the can. The consumer peeled it off easily before opening the can and discarded it with any unwelcome germs.

This unique solution offered added value to customers and increasingly gained their satisfaction. Many buyers solely chose Coca-Cola items over other beverage options, thanks to this extra piece. And why wouldn’t they do so when they were provided with safety at no added price? Hence, this smart move earned the company huge profits, happy customers, and positive publicity.


How to Create Good Packaging

The key to creating good packaging is to plan well, hire the right team, and meet and discuss the project with them. Starting on the right foot will save time, money, and effort in the final production stages.

Proper planning with designers and experts will make your packaging stand out. Make sure to prepare a list of all your requirements before the meeting. Consider points such as design, its intent, budget, materials, standards, etc.

Your team could include your company’s managers, designers, printing specialists, and quality assurance experts. Everyone’s input is essential to bring the final product to life. Be prepared to hold several meetings to revise and review at all stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. By the time you reach the mass production stage, you will be confident of your packaging and ready to blast the market with your new look.


Let’s Wrap It Up!

Designing your packaging is just as essential as the product itself. It attracts buyers and offers to solve some of their problems. It helps customers remember your brand, hence improving placement. Good packaging also provides consumers with information and convinces them to buy your items.

Consulting with the experts allows you to create thoughtful and tailored packaging designed specifically for your brand, helping it pop amongst its competitors. SIP Printing is an experienced firm with over 30 fruitful years in the packaging industry. They offer a one-stop solution for all your needs, covering all related steps such as planning, pre-production, production, post-production, quality and control, and delivery on time.

If you are indecisive about your current or future packaging, visit our website and ask for a consultation session. Sit down with the experts, and let them take the lead on producing enticing packaging while you continue to run your business confidently.