Choosing an Offset Printing Company



An offset printing company is a staple if you work in any corporation that needs branding and packaging, no matter the industry. But with so many options, it isn’t easy to narrow your options down.

You’ll need a solid relationship built on understanding at the end of the day, that’s why you need to focus on certain factors and select a reliable partner. You must peruse your options carefully before settling on a choice.

Remember that there’s a company that will suit you, so you need to find one that fits your needs, whether it’s a small-scale order or a large-scale corporate endeavour.


What is an Offset Printing Company?

In simple terms, everything you see that is branded, whether it’s packaging, newspapers, stationary, or brochures, is a result of offset printing. It’s the major way to make corporate branding come to life, and it’s a particular way to print specific designs.

Usually, it’s chosen for its economic value since it’s the method that provides high-quality prints for a relatively low cost, which means it’s suited for bulk printing for brands that need things like packaging or brochures.

A company that performs this task is an offset printing company, and it’s mixed with different niches within the industry. A creative agency could provide printing or brokering services that you could utilize, or you might have to find a separate company entirely.


How to Choose the Best Offset Printing Company for Your Business Needs

As mentioned, it can be difficult to peruse through uncountable options and choose a company. You need to spend time researching, whether you use Google, ask around amongst others in the industry, or consult the people who has worked with the company before.

It’s best to create a list to work your way down. Here are four things you should watch out for when selecting a company:

1. Looking at the Prices

Of course, looking at the price doesn’t mean that you must find the cheapest offer. But it’s always smart to browse your options and compare how much they’re charging, after you’ve decided on a list to make your final decision from.

It’s not just about saving money and creating a solid bottom line; it’ll also help you look at a company’s reliability and transparency. Many companies can charge hidden fees through exorbitant shipping and delivery costs after a lower initial cost, and you must be aware of them.

2. Comparing Quality

If you have two choices that don’t cost the same, but there’s also a quality difference, always go for one that provides higher value at the given price. As mentioned, choosing the right company doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality for a better deal.

If a company provides more value, it’s only right you compensate them for it, as long as it’s not unreasonable.

3. Be Comfortable with Their Service

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, the next part is customer service. It’s necessary that you feel comfortable working with the person who’ll be handling your orders, so you both can work together.

There needs to be understanding to build a solid relationship. So inquire if there would be a particular account manager you can facetime or meet before getting started. This helps you both understand what you want and creates an understanding.

4. Consider the Company’s Reputation and Experience

It’s not a fact that an older company is always better than a newer one, but there’s still a reason why power players are at the top. If it fits your budgets and needs, consider a top company that has worked with other clients.

Experience is vital because no matter how good a relatively new company seems, a company with trust and years under its belt is better equipped and has the resources to handle any issues that may arise in the printing process.


The Three Ways to Work with an Offset Printing Company

There are other ways to get your material than just working with a printing company, though that’s certainly the most obvious option.

1. Working with Your Printer

It’s what we just discussed, and working directly with your printer means you’ll be able to manage the process well. If you have an in-house designer that can accompany you, it’s even better because they’ll be better at observing the process.

While working directly with the printer isn’t for everyone, it gives you a chance to save money and time spent when a third party gets involved.

2. Working with a Creative Agency

Most corporate companies employ creative agencies or design firms to design their branding rather than having their department. Many companies provide printing services by using further brokers or having managers within the agency.

Remember that most companies won’t print something they didn’t design, but if your firm provides printing services, it might be worth looking into them.

3. Working with a Print Broker

This goes for the final option, which means a broker will find you the best possible deal by securing different bids and giving you the best deals. But remember that you’ll need a company with a justifiable volume that’ll get you good value.

It’s a good idea to go for a broker if your company often needs several types of branding work.


The Best International Offset Printing Company

While there’s no one international power player, certain companies, like Heidelberg, stand out in their industries.

They offer both quality and quantity, but what sets them apart is building a relationship based on trust. Their clients have confidence in their work, which comes from consistent results.


Best Offset Printing Company in Indonesia

Sejahtera Inti Prima is an Indonesian offset printing company with over 3 decades of experience in the industry since its inception in 1992. And like all other top companies, it’s a relationship built on trust.

SIP Printing has several partners, including Interbat, La Tulipe, and Meiji. And you’ll get your money’s worth if you choose SIP Printing.


Sejahtera Inti Prima is a one-stop solution for all your offset printing needs. With a portfolio of over 16 partners and 30-year of experience, rest assured that SIP Printing will exceed all your expectations by providing you with our best services, including consultation, planning, and pre-production. Contact us today for a consultation that will forever change your brand’s image!